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Trust Us With Your Boiler & Furnace Maintenance Safety Needs

Robinson Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers 2 different versions of our 21+ plan. The first is the “21+ Furnace Clean & Check,” the second is is our “21+ Boiler Clean & Check.” Please review below for more information on each plan accordingly.

Please call us at (847) 220-5031 if you have any additional questions about our exclusive 21+ programs.

21 + Furnace Clean & Check
  • Test thermostat-turn on heat
  • Visually inspect flue pipe
  • Test draft in flue (cold)
  • Remove and clean burners
  • Remove and clean pilot
  • Remove and clean flame sensor
  • Remove and clean spark ignitor
  • Replace thermocouple (additional cost)
  • Test hot surface ignitor – Replace if needed
  • (additional cost depending on brand)
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and stress
  • Vacuum burner compartment and exchanger
  • Re-assemble unit
  • Test for gas leaks at unit
  • Inspect filter change if needed (customer provides)
  • Inspect blower
  • Oil blower motor if needed (customer provides)
  • Remove and clean blower if needed
  • (time and material extra)
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Start heat
  • Watch for smooth ignition
  • Test temperature rise
  • Adjust to manufacturers rating
  • Test draft
  • Test carbon monoxide
  • Test and inspect safeties
  • Turn off thermostat and test for proper off cycling

21 + Boiler Clean & Check

  • Inspect thermostat / turn on
  • Inspect flue piping – CHIMNEY
  • Inspect boiler jacket for signs of combustion gas leaks
  • Clean burners
  • Clean pilot
  • Clean spark ignitor
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Clean chambers (brush)
  • Vacuum out debris
  • Replace thermocouple (additional cost)
  • Test hot surface ignitor
  • Drain standard expansion tank
  • Inspect diaphragm expansion tank
  • Inspect pressure temp gauge
  • Check reducing valve / water feeder
  • Check relief valve
  • Set proper pressure and refill expansion tank
  • Oil pumps and motors
  • Start and test unit
  • Test draft
  • Leak test jacket
  • Test ignition
  • Check flames
  • Test carbon monoxide
  • Test limits
  • Test controls
  • Check pump relays
  • Check zone valves
  • Check supply and return loops
  • Check radiant heat circuits
  • Inform owner of any needed repairs

We service all makes and models

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