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Trust Us With Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Safety Needs

Robinson Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers our “21+ AC Clean & Check” plan. Please review below for more information on each plan accordingly.

Please call us at (847) 220-5031 if you have any additional questions about our exclusive 21+ programs.

21 + A/C Clean & Check
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Test thermostat in all modes
  • Inspect filter, replace if needed (customer supplied)
  • Inspect blower and motor, oil if required
  • Test amp draw
  • Inspect belt
  • Turn off humidifier damper and water, put in A/C position
  • Test wet bulb temp
  • Test dry temp
  • Test temp drop across evaporation coil
  • Check drain line and flush with water (if so equipped)
  • Test condensate pump
  • Inspect refrigerant line insulation
  • Visual safety check of flue pipes
  • Inspect condenser coil, clean with water if needed (chemical cleaning extra)
  • Inspect contactor(s)
  • Inspect capacitors
  • Inspect condensor fan and motor, oil if needed
  • Test condensor fan motor and amp draw
  • Test outdoor air temp
  • Test refrigerant pressures, low/high
  • Test superheat to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Check disconnect, fused/non-fused
  • Check for proper size wire
  • Check for proper circuit breaker
  • Check proper rating plate amp draw

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